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California Art Grants & Culture Grants: 

Search for art and culture grants on including grants for artists, performing arts, music, dance, visual, arts programs, local arts events, arts education and graphic arts programming.   137 Arts and Culture Grants for California.
Grants to Southern California Non-Profits for Health, Human Services, Education, & Arts Programs
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $25,000 to Southern California non-profit organizations providing effective programs that address the areas of health, human services, and education, with the highest priority given to programs and organizations that provide greater ... GrantWatch ID#: 137598

Grants to the City of West Hollywood, California Non-Profits for Local Arts Events & Programs
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to up to $1,000 to West Hollywood, California non-profits to support a variety of community-based arts programs, projects and events that enrich the cultural life of the City of West Hollywood community. Funds are intended to enhance free ... GrantWatch ID#: 149030

Grants to West Hollywood, California Non-Profits for Education, Social & Arts Programs
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $1,000 to West Hollywood, California community-based non-profit organizations to support a wide variety of arts programs and events as well as educational, social services, senior, youth and other types of programs that include the a... GrantWatch ID#: 149032

Grants to USA Non-Profits in Multiple States for Community Development, Culture & Human Services
Deadline: 09/30/15

Grants to Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, New York, and Texas non-profit organizations serving communities where the funding source has business presence for a wide range of activities. The first informational conference... GrantWatch ID#: 145670

Grants to Sonoma County, California Non-Profits for Classroom Arts Programs for Underserved Youth
Deadline: 04/06/15

Grants of up to $15,000 to Sonoma County, California non-profits for increasing access to arts education for underserved youth. Arts education curricula should be delivered by visual, performing or literary arts organizations in collaboration with t... GrantWatch ID#: 150589

Grants to USA Non-Profits for Programs to Enhance Teachers' & Principals' Skills
Deadline: 04/13/15

Grants to USA non-profit organizations, with staff or affiliates in multiple States, for professional development programs that enhance skills and effectiveness of teachers and principals. March 12, 2015 is the deadline to submit an optional letter... GrantWatch ID#: 152200

Grants to Los Angeles County, California Businesses, Artists for Commercial Arts Initiatives
Conference Date: 03/30/15
Deadline: 04/17/15

Grants of up to $12,500 to Los Angeles County, California independent businesses, artists, and nonprofits with earned income activities to support creative enterprises that will have a positive economic development impact in the City of Los Angeles.... GrantWatch ID#: 153657

Grants to USA & Territories Public Schools and Libraries for Creative Educational Programs
Deadline: 03/31/15

Grants of up to $500 to USA and territories public schools and public libraries for projects that foster creative expression, working together and interaction with a diverse community. Educators can design and implement great programs, including spe... GrantWatch ID#: 149132

Grants to USA Non-Profits for Jewish Education, Social Services & Israel Advocacy Programs
Deadline: 03/31/15

Grants to USA non-profit organizations, primarily in Miami, Florida, to support Jewish-based social services, education, heritage and Israel advocacy programs in USA Jewish communities and Israel. Grant requests can be for programs, general support,... GrantWatch ID#: 150161

Grants to Aliso Viejo, California Non-Profits for Social Services, Culture, and Recreation Programs
Deadline: 03/31/15

Grants to Aliso Viejo, California non-profits for projects in the following areas of interest: human and social services, cultural, and recreational projects. Eligible organizations must have experience running similar programs to the one proposed, ... GrantWatch ID#: 150821

Merit Award to USA Theater & Film Productions for Excellence in Costume Design
Deadline: 03/31/15

Merit award of $500 to a USA theater, film, television or other types of living-performer production to recognize excellence in costume design. Award-winning productions will demonstrate creative, innovative, and effective approaches to costume desi... GrantWatch ID#: 150925

Prize to a USA or International Individual to Support a Bold & Innovative Project to Improve the World
Deadline: 03/31/15

Prize for a USA or international individual who demonstrates outstanding leadership with a bold, innovative vision or sparking global change. Anyone may nominate an individual to envision and execute a high-impact project. The prize winner will have... GrantWatch ID#: 151583

Grants to Monterey County, California Non-Profits to Benefit Local Children & Youth
Deadline: 03/31/15

Grants to California non-profit organizations and public schools that are working hard to improve the lives of children and youth living in Monterey County. Funding is intended to support a broad range of quality programs, projects, and/or services... GrantWatch ID#: 151717

Grants to Malibu, California Non-Profits to Enhance Quality of Life in Local Communities
Deadline: 03/31/15

Grants to Malibu, California non-profits for projects that meet specific community needs and improve quality of life for City residents. Proposals must demonstrate measurable terms for desired outcomes, methods of project administration, and mechani... GrantWatch ID#: 151728

Grants to USA Non-Profits to Purchase Stringed Instruments for K-12 Music Programs
Deadline: 03/31/15

Grants to USA non-profit programs serving children kindergarten through grade 12 to receive quality stringed instruments. The purpose of these grants is to make up for the gap in school budgets which often do not include funding for music programs. ... GrantWatch ID#: 151945

Grants to Tuolumne County, California Non-Profits & Public Agencies for Education, Arts, Health & Environment
Deadline: 03/31/15

Grants typically ranging from $1,000 to $50,000 to Tuolumne County, California non-profit organizations and public agencies for activities that promote quality of life in the areas of human services, education, arts, culture, humanities, health, pub... GrantWatch ID#: 152683

Grants to Anaheim, California Non-Profits for Quality Arts and Cultural Projects
Deadline: 04/01/15

Grants typically ranging from $16,000 to $50,000 to California non-profit organizations offering high-quality arts and cultural projects and programs for the benefit of those living in the City of Anaheim. A committee will review all applications a... GrantWatch ID#: 139748

Grants to USA Youth Theater Associations for Programs at National Conferences
Deadline: 04/01/15

Grants totaling $4,000 to USA youth theater associations to encourage and support exceptional programs at national theater conferences. The proposed program must feature mentor-artists: directors, playwrights, actors, choreographers, or designers o... GrantWatch ID#: 144016

Grants to USA Artists Age 45 and Older for Career Development
Deadline: 04/01/15

Grants ranging from $5,000 to $30,000 to USA artists age 45 and older to promote public awareness and a commitment to American art, as well as encouraging interest in artists who lack adequate recognition. The review criteria are artistic quality, c... GrantWatch ID#: 146159

Grants to USA Individuals & Organizations for New, Live & Recorded Music Performances
Deadline: 04/01/15

Grants ranging from $250 to $15,000 to USA individuals and organizations seeking support for new music projects. For the purposes of these grants, a “project” is defined as any activity that involves new music getting out into the world through ... GrantWatch ID#: 150078

Grants to USA Non-Profits in Multiple States for Arts & Cultural Presentations & Outreach
Deadline: 04/01/15

Grants of up to $2,500 to Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, or Wyoming non-profit organizations to support performing arts projects and presentations by touring performers an... GrantWatch ID#: 151754

Grants to USA & International Music Non-Profits for Contemporary Music Concerts
Deadline: 04/01/15

Grants typically ranging from $1,000 to $7,500 to USA and international non-profit performing ensembles, presenters and music service organizations for support of contemporary music performances. Funding is intended for professional level performanc... GrantWatch ID#: 152203

Grants to California Non-Profits & Government Agencies for Services in Humboldt, Trinity, & Del Norte Counties
Deadline: 04/01/15

Grants to California non-profit organizations, public schools, government agencies, and Native American tribal governments that are working to improve the quality of life for those living in Humboldt, Trinity, and/or Del Norte Counties. The Found... GrantWatch ID#: 152356

Grants to USA, Territories & Canada Deaf Students to Attend Out-of-School Programs
Deadline: 04/02/15

Grants typically ranging from $200 to $2,000 to USA, territories and Canada students in grades 1-12 who are deaf or hard of hearing to participate in after-school, weekend or summer programs focused on developing skills in the arts or sciences. ... GrantWatch ID#: 151697

Grants to USA Non-Profits for Arts, Education, Environment, Religion, & Social Services
Deadline: 06/12/15
LOI Date: 04/03/15

Grants ranging from $1,000 to $20,000 to USA non-profit organizations that provide programs and services addressing the areas of the arts, education, environment, religion, and social services. Letters of intent are due April 3, 2015. Although the F... GrantWatch ID#: 149996

Internship & Grants for USA & Puerto Rico Graduating High School Seniors for Latino Arts, Sciences & Humanities
Deadline: 04/06/15

An opportunity including a $2,000 college scholarship is available to USA and Puerto Rico graduating high school seniors to participate in a program that fosters the next generation of Latino leaders in the arts, sciences, and humanities. Students m... GrantWatch ID#: 152187

Grants to USA Public & Private Schools for Arts Programming in Grades 6-12
Deadline: 04/13/15

Grants of up to $7,500 to USA public and private schools in under-resourced districts serving students in grades 6-12 to implement rigorous arts programming in their schools. Awards are given to model programs in the areas of arts integration with t... GrantWatch ID#: 152198

Grants to USA & International Non-Profits for K-12 Education, Environment, & Community Vitality
Deadline: 04/15/15

Grants of up to $5,000 to USA non-profits in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Washington, DC, as well as international non-profi... GrantWatch ID#: 150816

Grants to San Marcos, California Non-Profits to Implement High-Quality Arts Events & Activities
Deadline: 04/15/15

Grants totaling $5,500 to California non-profit organizations that are seeking financial assistance for the purposes of implementing artistic and cultural events and/or activities that generally benefit the residents living in the City of San Marcos... GrantWatch ID#: 151069

Stipends to USA Educators at Hispanic Serving IHEs for Humanities Research
Deadline: 04/15/15

Awards of up to $50,400 to USA current or retired educators at Hispanic serving institutions to pursue full or part time humanities research. March 15 is the optional deadline to submit your proposal narrative for review. Applicants must be USA cit... GrantWatch ID#: 151094

Stipends to USA Educators at Historically Black IHEs for Humanities Research
Deadline: 04/15/15

Awards of up to $50,400 to USA current or retired educators at historically Black IHEs to pursue full or part time humanities research. March 15 is the optional deadline to submit your proposal narrative for review. Applicants must be USA citizens o... GrantWatch ID#: 151095

Grants to Individuals & Organizations Worldwide to Preserve & Revitalize Indigenous Culture
Deadline: 04/15/15

Grants of generally up to $25,000 to USA and international individuals, groups, and organizations seeking funds for projects that directly preserve and/or revitalize indigenous or traditional culture. Funded projects have included documenting a tra... GrantWatch ID#: 151731

Grants to Oakland, California Organizations for Arts Programming in Public Schools
Deadline: 04/15/15

Grants of up to $5,000 to Oakland, California organizations for arts education programs in local public schools. Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact funding source staff prior to applying to determine eligibility. Decisions are based on th... GrantWatch ID#: 152871

Grants to Silicon Valley Area, California Non-Profits for the Betterment of Communities
Deadline: 04/15/15

Grants to Silicon Valley area, California non-profit organizations to create more productive and enriched communities. Recipients will be selected based on need of expenditure, number of people served, impact of the organizations, financial soundnes... GrantWatch ID#: 153341

Grants to USA Non-Profits, Municipalities, & LEAs for Short-Term Community Arts Projects
Deadline: 04/16/15

Grants of $10,000 to USA small and mid-sized non-profits, municipalities, LEAs, and tribal governments for short-term arts projects that reach underserved populations limited by geography, ethnicity, economics, or disabilities. Projects can either e... GrantWatch ID#: 150431

Grants to USA and International Individuals & Nonprofits for Research of Latin American Music
Deadline: 04/17/15

Grants of up to $5,000 to USA and international nonprofits and individuals to further international awareness and appreciation of the significant contributions of Latin music and its makers to the world’s culture. Promoting results of scholarly r... GrantWatch ID#: 153344

Grants to USA & Canada Elementary Schools to Increase Arts-Infused Education
Deadline: 06/22/15

Grants of $2,500 and a gift package of classroom arts products valued at $1,000 to USA and Canada elementary schools to increase arts-infused education. Applicants who submit applications by June 8 will receive added benefits. Funds are intended to ... GrantWatch ID#: 148201

Grants for Organizations Addressing Community Needs through Specific Interests
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants averaging up to $60,000 for programming and projects focused on economic security, the arts, education, and/or Jewish life. The purpose of this funding is to promote programs that address specific issues while building effective and meaningf... GrantWatch ID#: 124246

Grants for Social Impact Services and Programming in Health, Education & Culture
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants ranging up to $50,000 to support direct services that generate social impact, improve access to health and cultural experiences, and/or improve higher education. The purpose of this funding is to support organizations that work to provide se... GrantWatch ID#: 124384

Funding to Support Community Social and Cultural Services
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants ranging up to $150,000 for programs and services for children and youth, conservation and science, food and shelter, the arts, and population and reproductive health. The purpose of this funding is to support community organizations that pro... GrantWatch ID#: 124479

Grants for Community Improvement in Southern California
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants for community improvement in the Southern California. The overall goal of the foundation is to give back to the communities and neighborhoods in which it conducts business. The purpose of the available funding is to support non-profit organiz... GrantWatch ID#: 125511

Grants to Help Disadvantaged Youth in California
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $10,000 are being awarded for programs that help young people living in small communities of California strive for academic achievement. Primary focus is upon encouraging students to attend college and pursue careers that will enabl... GrantWatch ID#: 126119

Grants to Address Community Improvement Projects Throughout the United States
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants for up to $3,000 to address select community needs throughout the United States. The mission of the Foundation is to support the communities throughout the areas in which it conducts business. The purpose of the available funding is to suppor... GrantWatch ID#: 126248

Grants to Promote Community Services Initiated by Youth
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to support youth-initiated projects that benefit communities nationwide in the following focus areas: health, the environment, democracy and equality, and community issues. The purpose of these grants is to promote youth activism in community... GrantWatch ID#: 126441

Grants for Increased Media Exposure to Benefit Non-Profit Organizations
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants are available for non-profit organizations in selected areas of California to receive newspaper inserts focused upon either enhancing the productivity of the organization or increasing their exposure to the public. Eligibility is restricted t... GrantWatch ID#: 126682

Grants for USA Non-Profits to Build & Update the Organization's Website
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $5,000 are available to USA non-profit organizations for assistance in building or updating their websites. This funding opportunity is a joint effort between the grantor and a local marketing company that will provide the website se... GrantWatch ID#: 126709

Technology Grants for Non-Profits
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants are available nationwide for non-profit organizations to better enable them to fulfill the needs of those they serve. The grant is given not as a sum of money, but rather as a discount on technological services that enhance the organization's... GrantWatch ID#: 126950

Grants for Education, Arts, Healthcare, and Economic Development in California and Israel
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants are available for non-profit organizations both in California and in Israel for programs and projects that help build communities. The goal of the funding is to promote activities that focus upon education, economic development, arts and cult... GrantWatch ID#: 126969

Grants for Environmental, Social, Jewish and Israel-Focused Projects in the U.S. and Israel
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants ranging between $15,000 and $25,000 are being awarded for projects focusing on social, environmental, Israeli and Jewish issues in the U.S. and Israel. Qualified non-profits can receive funding for projects that help to develop a more just, c... GrantWatch ID#: 127058

Grants for Self-Sufficiency of Native Americans
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to facilitate self-sufficiency for Native Americans. The overall goal of this funding is to provide a measure of physical and spiritual improvement, particularly amongst Indigenes, by providing seed grants to groups and organizations with sel... GrantWatch ID#: 127321