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One Year is the world's leading search engine for grants. With 8,328 active grants, we are the premier information source on grants, loans, fellowships, awards and other funding opportunities for nonprofits, municipalities, libraries, small businesses, and individuals in the United States, Canada, Israel, and across the globe. Our collection includes 27,612 funding opportunities in every US state, from Alabama to Wyoming, and in each Canadian province, from Alberta to Yukon.

Whether you're a nonprofit organization, community program, school, or local government, or your small business needs funding, our team of professionals is working around the clock to locate, monitor, and share a constantly-growing list of active and updated funding opportunities for you to explore.

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I've been utilizing to search new grant opportunities since establishing my grant writing business in 2010. I find at least 65% of my new corporate, family, and community foundation grant opportunities through GrantWatch!

As a result, I've raised more than $13 million dollars for my nonprofit clients around the country (and the Caribbean).
Thank you for your excellent service to the nonprofit community.

Adraine Kreglo
Serendipity Solutions
Bradenton, FL

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