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Libby Hikind, Founder and CEO of

Libby Hikind is the Founder and CEO of, the leading grant funding search engine for nonprofits, businesses, and individuals. Libby holds a post master’s degree in Educational Administration and Supervision and is a wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother.

Libby is often referred to as the "Queen of Grants." Libby opened GrantWatch in 2010 after retiring from her 29+ years as a teacher with the New York City Department of Education. While teaching, Libby wrote grants for her special education classroom, mainstream education and business careers, computers, and entrepreneurship classroom. For two years, Libby worked as a grant writer for an NYC Dept of Ed Brooklyn school district raising $11 million.

After which time, Libby returned to teaching and opened her own grant writing agency in 1994. Libby Hikind is a national grants expert. From 1999 to 2001, Libby created NYCGrantWatch, a faxed grant newsletter publication for her nonprofit client organizations. Libby took a sabbatical to run for city council and is well known for her successful primary election campaign for New York’s City Council (2001) for which she received an endorsement from The New York Times. Following September 11th, Libby volunteered at Ground Zero, where she gained recognition as a FEMA Project Liberty Crisis Counselor and Team Leader. Libby is credited for more than 46,000 children receiving health insurance, as a result of her coalition building of nonprofits and writing the first Staten Island Child Health Plus proposal. 

After retiring from teaching, Libby moved to Florida and embraced the new Internet and computer technology. She designed and developed in 2010 with the knowledge of what grant funding information a grant writer or board member needs.  GrantWatch started providing the search capacity to the NYC area, NY State and continuing to the Tri-State area. The company later moved to represent the USA, Canada, Israel, and other International regions. is now the leading grant website in the funding industry. GrantWatch is the online resource for grants for nonprofits, government agencies, municipalities, foundations, corporations, small businesses, and individuals. 

Today more than 200,000 nonprofits, businesses, and individuals visit each month and also read GrantsNews, a blog that offers late-breaking grant and fundraising news.

Many nonprofits also use Libby’s other website,, which first launched in 2013. GrantWriterTeam matches grant seekers with highly skilled grant writers. In its first year of operation, more than 130 partnerships were formed between grant seekers and grant writers. 

Libby continues to move forward with her GrantTalk, online plans for updating, re-designing, and launching grant- related websites for virtually every niche in the industry.

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Awarded Grant History:

  • Alternative Family Education, Drug-Free Schools $380,028
  • Alzheimer's Care Program, Haym Solomon $8,500
  • Alzheimer's Respite Care & Training Program $30,000
  • Community Youth Development Grant $60,000
  • Drug-Free Schools and Communities $200,000
  • Drug-Free Schools Federal Activities Grant $351,756
  • EDWAA Retraining Program, Dept of Employment $640,000
  • English Literacy, Title VII $172,657
  • Family Systems Theory, Drug-Free Schools $293,771
  • Fleet Bank Improved School Spaces $2,000
  • Fund for Innovation, NYS $50,000
  • Gruss Foundation Planning Grant $6,000
  • HHS Youth Gang Drug Prevention $150,000
  • HHS Youth Gang Drug Prevention Program $210,000
  • Holocaust Books for Public School Libraries $30,000
  • Increasing Access to Care, United Hospital Fund $80,000
  • ISS LEP (10) Summer School Grants, NYS LEP (9) School Year Grants, NYS $152,000
  • JTPA Title II Training Program, Dept of Employment $800,000
  • Multicultural Education, NYC $30,000
  • New York City Parent Centers, NYS Ed Department $300,000
  • Nonprofit Security Grant Program: UASI-NSGP (each) $75,000
  • NYC Home Health AidesPendingNYS Primary Care Initiative $250,000
  • Parenting Education Program, NYS $68,000
  • Staten Island Foundation Children's Literacy Project $25,000
  • Staten Island's Child Health Plus, NYS DOH $700,000
  • Targeted Primary Prevention Demonstration, OSAP $139,660
  • Targeted Primary Prevention, OSAP $144,122
  • Title VII Family English Literacy $172,657
  • Title VII Special Populations $180,000
  • Title VII Transitional Programs $148,681
  • Urban Areas Security Initiative (3 grants funded) $800,000

Contracts Awarded:

  • NYS Early Intervention Program Services
  • Translation and Interpretation Services
  • SEIS Special Education Itinerant Services
  • Article 28, Diagnostic & Treatment Center

Curriculum Written:

  • Global Education Preschool Curriculum (GEPC)
  • The Gilder-Lehman Institute, NYC Birth of a Nation (Grade 4)
  • Balanced Literacy Reader's & Writer's Workshop Project (Grades 2 & 3)
  • America's Choice Literacy Project
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