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Grants to California Nonprofits and Businesses for Community and Economic Development Projects


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Application Deadline

01/24/23 5:00 PM Electronic Receipt

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USA: California: City of Davis

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Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

City of Davis

Agency: Local

GrantWatch ID #139921

Grant Description

Grants to California nonprofit organizations and businesses for community and economic development projects that provide crucial services, facilities, and housing to underserved populations in eligible regions. The purpose of the funding is to provide low and moderate-income populations and at-risk populations with necessary services. Eligible projects are those that benefit residents of the City of Davis.

The City of Davis is an entitlement city in the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program. Services provided include to those with critical needs, including, but not limited to, people experiencing homelessness, at-risk youth, at-risk LGBTQ populations, seniors, those with disabilities and families in need. 

All proposals must benefit Davis residents and at least 70% of those beneficiaries on an annual basis must be very-low, low/moderate income persons/households. 

Eligible activities/projects/programs may fall within the following categories: Acquisition of Real Property, Disposition of Property, Public Facilities and Improvements, Privately-owned Utilities, Clearance of Property, Public Services, Interim Assistance, Relocation of Tenants and Property, Loss of Rental Income Projects, Removal of Architectural Barriers, Housing Rehabilitation, New Housing Construction, Code Enforcement, Historic Preservation, Commercial or Industrial Rehabilitation, Special Economic Development, Special Activities by Sub-Recipients, Planning and Capacity Building, Program Administration, and Other Activities.

The City of Davis has prioritized CDBG federal funding for two kinds of services:

  1. Public Service awards to providers of services to individuals and families 
  2. Non-Public Service awards for construction and rehabilitation housing projects that serve the community.

Organizations applying for CDBG funds receive preference if one or more of the following are met:

  • Serve clients who are very low and extremely low income (50% of median income and below.)
  • Leverage funds from the community or other private sources or use volunteers as part of its plan
  • Efficiently deliver services—maintain a low cost beneficiary ratio in relation to private and other organizations delivering similar services.
  • Fill a unique niche among clients who are not currently served, or are under-served. This includes new programs and initiatives or the restoration of previously existing programs that have experienced funding cuts.
  • Have an organization budget less than $500,000
  • Focus on prevention and early intervention activities – that is, address issues before they develop or at an early stage to avoid more intensive treatment
  • Spend the majority of the grant on serving those in need rather than on administrative costs

Organizations providing any health or human services programs are encouraged to apply. For a list of programs that were considered for or have received funding in the past, see: 

For more information on eligible activities, see:

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  • Others (see text field entitled "Additional Eligibility Criteria" for clarification)

Additional Eligibility Criteria:

The City has many options for implementing the CDBG program. It can grant all or a portion of the funds to projects implemented by existing City staff; the City can grant all or a portion of the funds to projects administered primarily through non-profit community groups; or the City can grant funds to for-profit businesses to implement special economic development projects. In Davis, housing and other community development activities are primarily administered through non-profit community groups.


Housing rehabilitation does not include:
- Creation of a secondary housing unit attached to a primary unit.
- Installation of luxury items, such as a swimming pool.
- Costs of equipment, furnishings, or other personal property not an integral structural fixture such as:
A window air conditioner
A washer or dryer
- Labor costs for homeowners to rehabilitate their own property.

New housing construction does not include:
- Costs of equipment,
- Furnishings,
- Other personal property not an integral structural fixture such as window air conditioners or a washer or dryer (stoves and refrigerators, even if not built in, are exceptions), and
- Installation of luxury items, such as a swimming pool

Code enforcement does not include:
Inspections for processing applications for rehabilitation assistance. Such inspections should be classified as “Rehabilitation” or “Special Economic Development” and they are not limited by the restrictions on the eligibility of code enforcement.

Historic preservation does not include:
Rehabilitating, preserving or restoring “buildings for the general conduct of government,” such as a city hall, which are specifically ineligible for CDBG assistance.

Commercial or industrial rehabilitation does not include:
- Costs of equipment or furnishings,
- Other personal property not an integral structural fixture, or
- Installation of luxury items.

Special activities by sub-recipients do not include:
- Any activity which is specifically listed as eligible in the CDBG regulations,
- Any activity described in s570.207(a), that is, buildings for the general conduct of government, general government expenses and political activities,
- Any activity which will violate a specific limitation placed on an eligible activity. Therefore, s570.204 does not authorize:
● Provision of public services that do not meet the requirements of s570.201(e)(1) and (2);
● Provision of assistance to a for-profit business that does not comply with the regulations of s570.203(b); or
● Carrying out planning and administration activities that would result in the grantee exceeding the 20% cost limitation on such activities.

Planning and capacity building activities do not include:
- Engineering, architectural and design costs related to a specific activity (e.g., detailed engineering specifications and working drawings),
- Other costs of implementing plans.

Pre-proposal Conference:

An applicant workshop webinar will be held (via Zoom) to provide an opportunity for all potential applicants to ask questions about the overall CDBG and HOME programs, evaluation criteria, proposal process, etc. The workshop webinar will be held:

Date: Tuesday, January 10, 2023 - 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Meeting link:
or via phone, call 1-669-444-9171
Meeting ID: 811 5939 8777

It is strongly recommended that all applicants attend this workshop.

Pre-Application Information:

An electronic version of the proposal must be received by the City of Davis via-email no later than 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 24, 2023.

Grant Application Schedule:
- November 21, 2022: Social Services Commission: Recommendation of Critical Needs List
- December 6, 2022: City Council Public Hearing: Final Approval of Critical Needs List and Request for Proposals (RFP) Schedule
- December 15, 2022: Request for Proposals released
- January 10, 2023: Applicant Workshop (Virtual)
(Applicant participation is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED)
- January 24, 2023: Proposals Due to City of Davis staff no later than 5:00 p.m.
(Postmark will not be accepted)
- February 9, 2023: Proposals are posted online and any necessary paper distribution to Commission and City Council.
- February 23, 2023: Staff, Commission, and City Council questions/requests for information are submitted to staff
- February 28, 2023: Questions are distributed to applicants
- March 9, 2023: Applicant responses to questions due no later than 5:00 p.m.
- March 16, 2023: Funding recommendations sent to Social Services Commission
- March 20, 2023: Social Services Commission Public Hearing
Funding Deliberations/Recommendations and One-Year Action Plan to City Council
- April 13, 2023: Funding recommendations sent to City Council
- April 18, 2023: City Council Public Hearing
CDBG/HOME Funding Decisions and One-Year Action Plan
- May 13, 2023: One-Year Action Plan submitted to HUD
- May - June 30, 2023: HUD review and approval of One-Year Action Plan
- July 1, 2023 2023-2024: CDBG/HOME program year begins

An applicant workshop webinar was held on January 10, 2023 (via Zoom) to provide an opportunity for all potential applicants to ask questions about the overall CDBG and HOME programs, evaluation criteria, proposal process, etc. You may view a recording of the workshop:

Additional Funding Information:

Estimated Total Program Funding:


Estimated Size of Grant:

The City will not consider any grant requests smaller than $7,000.

Term of Contract:

The CDBG program year runs from July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024.

Contact Information:

Submit your application via e-mail to Tara Covell at

If you have any questions or if city staff can be of any assistance, please feel free to contact Tara Covell at the email address listed above or at (530) 757-5623.

City of Davis
23 Russell Blvd., Suite 1
Davis, CA 95616

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